2023 Q3 Workspace Use Benchmark Report

Impact of RTO initiatives on workspace usage in Q3, comparing 2022 and 2023 data

2023 Q3 Workspace Use Benchmark Report

Welcome to the forefront of workplace evolution! Dive deep into our “2023 Q3 Workspace Use Benchmark Report” for a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends shaping the future of office spaces.

Explore our Q3 workspace report for insights into the impact of RTO initiatives. September’s transition, historically pivotal in office dynamics, unveils distinctive attendance patterns. As we approach Q4, monitoring office space usage becomes crucial, especially with the holiday season on the horizon. Built on 21 months of customer data, this report not only reflects the present but also predicts the future. Beyond informing data-driven decisions, it emphasizes the shift from generic solutions to tailored approaches for a diverse workforce.

Here are some key insights:

  • Aligning Spaces with Employee Needs: Discover the pivotal role of aligning office spaces with the evolving needs and preferences of your workforce in a post-pandemic era.
  • The Rise of Collaborative Spaces: Explore the paradigm shift towards collaborative workspaces, reshaping how offices are optimized for enhanced productivity and innovation.
  • Occupancy on the Upswing: Delve into the data revealing a substantial increase in workspace occupancy, skyrocketing from 38% in January 2023 to an impressive 50% by September 2023.
  • Navigating Return-to-Office Dynamics: Navigate the intricate landscape of Return-to-Office initiatives and understand the significant changes in office attendance patterns influenced by lockdowns and remote work.
  • Usage vs. Effectiveness Dilemma: Decipher the delicate balance between the increased usage of diverse workspaces and their actual effectiveness in meeting their intended purpose.
  • Redefining Space Utilization Metrics: Embrace the need for cutting-edge metrics that accurately capture the nuances of modern workspace dynamics, leaving traditional measurement approaches in the past.
  • Challenges in Return-to-Office Goals: Explore the challenges hindering the realization of Return-to-Office goals, with a modest projected occupancy rate of 34% by September 2026.
  • Tailored Workspace Management: Adopt a tailored approach to workspace management, acknowledging the unique needs and characteristics of diverse organizations.

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