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Workplace Occupancy Sensors and Analytics

Get a detailed view of what’s happening on your office floors, at the desk, or meeting room level at any time. Identify usage patterns, working styles, and how they evolve over time, so you can build the workplace your team needs.

Understand when, where, and how your team uses the workplace

Discover the sensors you need

Give your office a purpose based on occupancy insights

Turn occupancy data into insights

Set up the most flexible and easy to deploy sensors in the industry

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We know that one size does not fit all, and your workspace is unique.

That’s why we take an omni sensor approach.

Occupancy Sensors

Measure occupancy and utilization with 99% data accuracy, no hard wiring and no internal networking. Simple peel-and-stick application that gets you actionable data in less than an hour.

People Counters

Track occupancy by counting individuals who cross an entrance or threshold and the number of people within a user-defined space or area. Relogix offers a range of the industry’s most advanced people counting sensors to help you get the best data for your desired outcomes.

Area Counters

Measure occupancy and utilization of common areas, meeting rooms, open collaboration areas, or groups of desks.

Want to learn more? Download our sensor guide ebook to learn about all the sensor solutions Relogix has to offer.

The Relogix Difference

Let’s face it: the world of work has changed forever and what worked yesterday, won’t always work for tomorrow. That’s why we’ve built a system open to multiple data sources that can keep up with the changing needs of your workplace.

Made for your workplace

We consult with you to provide a combination of sensor types in a customized solution. This gives you a holistic view of your workspace from buildings and floors to rooms and desks.

Sensors that make sense

Relogix occupancy sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective data about workspace usage. Our sensors provide the highest quality data essential to successful workplace analysis.

Complete view of your workplace

With all your occupancy insights in a single view, we help you understand where, when, and how your employees are working so you can adapt your space to their behaviors.

World-class experts at your service

For the last decade, our team has specialized in helping corporate real estate professionals, facility managers, and workplace employee experience managers get objective data to inform their workplace decisions.

Relogix Occupancy Sensors

We believe in a flexible approach that adapts to your changing needs. Our easy-to-deploy, easy-to-install, and easy-to-move sensors offer the most sensible solution to today’s challenges.

No brainer installs


  • Easy to move where you need it most
  • The most adaptable solution
  • 4-year battery powered


  • Desk-level precision
  • 99% data accuracy


  • Heat-activated sensors
  • Anonymous data

Over-the-door People Counters

Stop relying on inaccurate badging data to gather occupancy numbers for your workspace.

Over-the-door people counters are the most cost-effective measure to help control the occupancy levels of your workplace. Easily install over doors to buildings, floors, or boardrooms to start tracking occupancy trends over time.

  • Collect accurate occupancy data from the main entry and exit
    points on a floor with affordable and simple-to-use people counters.
  • Monitor target occupancy levels for your workspace to enable a safe return-to-office.

Conexus Feature Matrix

Explore the features and views offered within the Conexus Solution.


Get a scorecard view of your real estate portfolio KPIs at a glance.


View your floorplan utilization, occupancy, busiest and slowest hours filtered by location, date, hour, and space type.

Portfolio Trending

View how all your workspaces are being used and use it to enable optimization without impacting employee experience.

Desk & Office Use

Get a floor level view of how desks and offices are used over time to determine sharing ratios right-sizing, what mix of spaces you need, including:

Desk Trending – Find out what your desk occupancy and utilization trends are including the busiest day and the busiest hour.

Explore Surplus Desks – Understand seat opportunity with supply and demand data that can be filtered by building, floor, hour, and department.

Live (Add-On)*

Get a Live view of your floorplan across your entire portfolio to view what spaces are available or occupied and combine with digital signage to allow employees to see what spaces are available.

Explore Sharing Ratios

Calculate your sharing ratio combined with supply and demand to determine your headcount opportunity.

Meeting and Collab Use

Observe how meeting rooms and collaboration spaces are used over time, including:

Explore Meeting Room Demand – Explore meeting room occupancy utilization and fullness to understand what rooms are popular and meeting room booking behaviors.

Popular Room Type – View utilization and fullness of different types of meeting rooms such as board rooms collaboration areas and phone booths to help determine workspace design.

* Available for additional fee

Understand how your people use their space today so you can give it purpose tomorrow.

Every workplace is different. That’s why we built a solution that adapts to your unique workplace. Let our team worry about the tech so you can focus on the outcomes.