A Breakthrough in Workplace Analytics: Relogix Launches Patented Predictive Forecasting

Pioneering the future of Corporate Real Estate, Relogix launches industry’s first patented Predictive Forecasting Model, arming workplace leaders with predictive superpowers for strategic decision-making.     

OTTAWA, ON – July 20, 2023 – Relogix, a leading provider of workplace analytics solutions, announces the launch of its innovative feature – Predictive Forecasting. Backed by the patented Conexus Univariate Forecasting Model, this cutting-edge feature provides precise projections and actionable insights based on historical occupancy data, setting a new standard for workspace analytics. Relogix’s Predictive Forecasting model, powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, analyzes historical data and identifies occupancy patterns and trends to deliver data-driven forecasts for the future.  

The Forecasting Model overcomes the traditional workspace analytics’ constraints, typically reliant on simplistic and bias-prone historical data. This groundbreaking model introduces an advanced, automatic predictive analysis that mitigates biases and adeptly manages the unpredictable nature of CRE data. By intelligently identifying and adapting to systematic changes, the Conexus Model revolutionizes workspace analytics by delivering justified and reliable forecasts with speed and enhanced precision. This represents a significant leap forward in the field, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with utmost confidence. 

Andrew Millar, Founder and CEO of Relogix, emphasizes, “Our Predictive Forecasting feature represents a significant leap forward in workspace analytics. It’s not about depending on ChatGPT that can use old and inaccurate data to uncover insights; it’s about leveraging accurate and future-forward models like our Conexus Univariate Forecasting Model to empower businesses to preemptively adapt to the ever-evolving workspace dynamics. A fundamental aspect lies in understanding unique behaviors and work patterns, which stand as crucial differentiators in the realm of analytics and business. The future of the office isn’t just about having space – it’s about aligning business operations with behaviors, and our predictive forecasting feature paves the way for such attunement.”  

Relogix further sets itself apart with its emphasis and commitment to the unique analytical needs of each customer. The Predictive Forecasting feature is skillfully designed to adapt to user-selected data, hence producing insights that are directly relevant to every unique company space, behavior, and need. Rather than identifying similar patterns and applying a one-size-fits-all solution – a strategy that has repeatedly proven inadequate with simple forecasting models – Relogix’s approach recognizes that every company’s needs are distinct. The resulting insights consider the nuances of individual organizations, facilitating more effective and relevant outcomes. 

Relogix takes pride in the transparency and accessibility of their insights. Rather than presenting complex data sets, Predictive Forecasting delivers actionable intelligence in an easy-to-understand user interface. It identifies model quality, weekly patterns, seasonality, and unusual data points, simplifying the interpretation of complex machine learning insights. 

In an era where real-time AI interaction is becoming increasingly common, the security of sensitive client data can often be overlooked. With a firm commitment to data privacy, Relogix has designed the Conexus Univariate Forecasting Model to assure the utmost confidentiality of user data. Unlike certain models using ChatGPT that could put customer data in the public domain, Relogix’s approach integrates stringent security protocols to safeguard valuable information, ensuring it remains strictly within the confines of the user’s control. 

Relogix’s commitment to client empowerment extends to educational resources. Detailed articles outlining the workings of the Conexus Univariate Forecasting Model, data requirements, and generated insights are readily available upon request. Relogix is partnering with select clients for a beta program, providing early access to this new feature soon. The feature’s subsequent public release is anticipated to follow. 

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