Maximize patient room usage and accurately justify real estate spend and cost savings

CONEXUS: Occupancy analytics for healthcare

Delivering quality patient care as efficiently and effectively as possible relies on having accurate occupancy and utilization. Empower your decision-making and facilitate alignment across all stakeholders with our occupancy analytics. We will provide you the accurate data you need to increase patient room utilization, improve patient care, and control your real estate spend.

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No more guess work. You will capture the exact levels of utilization of your spaces.

Precise data means you will make accurate decisions while building consensus across all stakeholders.

Know exactly where to save money and where to invest.

Get accurate and unbiased space utilization data and capture the opportunity to use your facilities more efficiently. Download our solution sheet to learn more!

Precise data to understand the true utilization of your spaces

Understand if you’re at capacity, or if you simply need to adjust schedules to maximize utilization of each room. Identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of patient rooms by capturing the utilization percentage of each room by day, hour, or minute. In your office space, understand work patterns and space preferences so you can adapt and optimize your workplace to suit the needs of your healthcare staff.

Flexible solution means strong ROI

The accuracy of our data gives you the information you need to improve your patient room utilization, increase patient throughput, and identify with precision where you can save money, avoid spend, or increase revenue. Our flexible, easy-to-move and install sensors means that you can effortlessly capture the data you need across your entire healthcare network with minimal additional costs, further increasing your ROI.

Security and privacy centric approach

Our occupancy analytics solution captures zero personally identifiable information. Our IoT sensor platform does not use cameras and can be deployed completely off your network, via cellular connection, so that it runs entirely independent of your IT infrastructure. We do not store or utilize any personal information and follow strict protocols and processes to ensure your data is secure and protected.


"Relogix helps be more precise in CRE decisions and helps you make the changes that capture the opportunity to optimize the space."

– Executive Director


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Let’s Improve Patient Care Together

Designed for and trusted by top Healthcare professionals, our precise data insights and domain expertise are proven to transform your ability to provide quality patient care.