Ensure you have the right data for the right use case, at the right time

CONEXUS: Your workspace analytics platform

Gain a deeper understanding and control of your workplace data, with Conexus as your decision support system. Conexus helps you break down data silos, discover opportunities, and empower your decision-making process.

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Adapt your data to suit the evolving needs of your real estate portfolio.

Answer all the most common corporate real estate questions – from high level to granular.

Monitor utilization and occupancy by floors, desks, meeting room, or collaboration space.

Get flexible, controllable occupancy data so you can focus on what really matters: making data-driven decisions for workplace experience, office design, and real estate planning.

The best centralized workplace analytics platform

Solve all your occupancy and utilization
needs in one platform.

Scale your occupancy and utilization data across your entire portfolio using Conexus. We can help ensure you're using the right data for your unique workplace. With a centralized platform, you own your data and have the freedom to adapt it to suit your needs.

Gain control and flexibility of your workplace analytics

Focus on your specific needs, use
cases, time frames, and budget

Enable data-driven decisions for workplace experience, office design, and real estate planning. As your workplace evolves over time, so will your occupancy data requirements. How you collect, store, and analyze workplace insights should adapt to those requirements.

Integrate all the tools you already use

Combine sensors and booking data
to understand and optimize

Get a clear understanding of workplace behaviours to help optimize your portfolio. Compare booked spaces to those that used ones to inform your workplace strategy. Integrate occupancy data to understand the working styles of your people.

All Your Occupancy Data in One Platform

With a clear understanding of your spaces, you’ll make decisions with confidence and ease.

The Conexus platform gives you the flexibility to collect, analyze, and gain insights from any occupancy data source. Affordably scale your occupancy and utilization data across your entire portfolio using Conexus. Control your data sources with one centralized platform and customize them to your unique workplace. Leverage the right source of high-quality data at the right time to measure your entire portfolio.

Get meaningful workplace data

Break down data silos and gain the flexibility to add, remove, or modify data sources for cost effective and scalable occupancy intelligence across your workplace.

Combine sensors to suit your needs

Collect occupancy and utilization data from desk-level sensors, area sensors, or people counters to cover all your spaces, including common areas, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces.

Discovery opportunity to rationalize

Identify where to optimize and rationalize and scale your strategy across your entire portfolio.

Improve employee experience

Reveal workplace behaviors and styles and inform your workplace decisions by forecasting future requirements.


"Working with Relogix has surpassed our expectations. Their rapid installation, data accuracy and visualizations provide us the information we need to make sound real estate strategy decisions."

– Senior Real Estate Director



With Conexus, you can focus on the outcomes, not the tech

We know that one sensor does not fit all. As a sensor agnostic vendor, Relogix can accommodate your budget, data fidelity, and floor plan nuances to make sure you have the right technology for your workplace  strategy.


Badging Data

Use the data you may already have to get a high-level view of occupancy at the building or floor level.

Desk Level Occupancy Sensors

Measure occupancy and utilization with no hard wiring, and no internal networking. Simple, peel-and-stick application that gets you data in less than an hour, perfect for either permanent installation, or temporary surveys.


Area Counters

Measure occupancy and utilization of common areas, meeting rooms, open collaboration areas, or groups of desks.


People Counters

Measure occupancy by counting individuals who cross an entrance or threshold and the number of people within a defined space or area.


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