How To Effectively Transform Your Workspace in 3 Steps

Learn the difference between occupancy, utilization and sharing ratio and how to calculate each of them.

Boost Productivity and Save a Considerable Amount of Money

You know that there’s under-utilization of your desk and office space… but how do you objectively measure, quantify and, more importantly, solve the problem?

If you’re thinking about transitioning to flexible workspaces that include a combination of assigned and shared desks, there is a way to make the transition without taking a huge risk.

The three-step process in this ebook is the key to transforming your workspace while also boosting employee productivity and saving a considerable amount of money.

Our workspace utilization experts have helped transform the workspaces of Fortune 500 companies around the world and the process they use is included in this ebook. You’ll:

  • Learn the difference between occupancy, utilization and sharing ratio and how to calculate each of them.
  • Understand how your current space is being used and the unique needs of your employees.
  • Analyze workspace utilization data, identify hidden opportunities and develop an action plan for your transformation.

Once you have the experience of implementing a workspace transformation using our three-step process, you can immediately accelerate the roll-out across your entire organization.

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