Optimizing Office Space in 2023 & Beyond

Strategies for Achieving Office Efficiency Without Sacrificing Effectiveness in the Hybrid Work Era

Benchmark Report

Are you looking to improve your office’s efficiency and effectiveness? Are you curious about the impact of the pandemic on your office’s operations and what changes are likely to be permanent? Do you want to identify priorities and allocate resources more strategically? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then our benchmark report is perfect for you.

This benchmark report provides a comprehensive analysis of the usage trends of 2022 and 2019, delving into the metrics you need to observe to get a full picture of your workspace. This report challenges traditional workplace planning strategies that may have resulted in unnecessary excess space and leverages unbiased sensor data to give you a clear view of your workspace usage.

This report will help you…

  • Measure office performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness: Identifying areas of strength and areas where improvements are needed; understanding where the office is excelling and where it can improve, to help focus efforts on making targeted improvements that can have a significant impact on the business well beyond office use.
  • Level-set pre-pandemic behaviors: Quantify the reality of the changes that have occurred and the impact that the pandemic has had on operations; provides insights into what changes are likely to be permanent and what changes are temporary. By understanding the impact of these changes, the office can better plan for the future and adapt to the new reality.
  • Identify priorities: identify areas of strength and weakness and provide valuable insights into where resources should be allocated and/or reallocated and what initiatives should be prioritized. This can help the office make strategic decisions that can lead to improved business practices driving greater success.

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