Andrew’s Insights – January 2021

Written by Andrew Millar, CEO & Founder
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Looking Back

It feels good to put last year behind us and start another; it inspires me to reflect. We’ve all had a challenging year, marked by an equal measure of unforeseen changes at work and at home. It’s been a year of learning for Relogix, as a team and individually.

The challenges at work and home brought the Relogix team closer together. We came together to discover and implement new ways to help our customers and partners rapidly react to the changing nature of business and employee experiences.

We forged stronger connections with our customers around the world – never have we felt a closer bond as they struggled with the same work and home challenges we were facing. Listening closely to their needs led to the growth of our existing products and inspired new ones. We are proud of all we have accomplished together this year.

Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Export Development Canada video of Jeff Bennett, our Chief of Operations, you should check it out. We are proud to be recognized by EDC and it inspired us to use the phrase “be comfortable with being uncomfortable” as a theme to motivate us internally.

We were also recognized in our hometown, receiving a Best of Ottawa Business award for Team of the Year. I could not be prouder of our team. The tech community here in Ottawa, Canada, is strong and thriving, and we were delighted to get the shout out.

Tell Me A Data Story

This was a banner year on the product front with the launch of Conexus, the corporate real estate industry’s first Data Stories platform. Relogix has always been known as the leading data company in our industry and in 2020 we capped that off by using Conexus to tell powerful Data Stories.


This is not your grandad’s old dashboard tool. Sandra Panara, Director of Workplace Insights, is pioneering how we turn IoT and CRE data into actionable insights through highly intuitive data stories. We created a community of like-minded data wranglers so we can advance data storytelling in our industry.

When It Comes to Sensor Tech in 2020, Health and Safety Trumped Privacy

As a forerunner in the IoT sensor technology game, we recognized that privacy can be one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of sensor technology. That is why our sensors have been so well-adopted in the CRE industry, because we make valuable CRE data accessible and anonymous.

In 2020, the pendulum swung in the other direction as the focus was less about privacy and more about employee health and safety, where sensors play a big role in monitoring the workplace. Since our sensors don’t collect personal information, demand is reaching new heights as we begin helping companies around the world get their people back to the office safely.

Global Reach and Data Pipelines

Many of our clients have offices around the world and that can be hard to reach. We are growing fast but we realized in 2020 that we would not be able scale without strong global channel partners. Over the past year we have forged exciting new global partnerships and now have full coverage across the entire workplace technology landscape.

Our Data Science team heavily invested in creating a comprehensive set of data pipelines so we can integrate data from across the entire CRE data universe. We now have pipelines for all sensor types, IWMS, booking, badging, surveys, HR, and IT. This is a big accomplishment for the team in 2020 and we’re excited to unleash this superpower for our clients and partners in 2021.

Looking Ahead

COVID disrupted corporate real estate forever. At Relogix, we believe “work” is not a place you go, but what you do. The concept of work-from-anywhere is becoming a reality. The experience of work is forever changed and we are excited to be part of this positive disruption.

But our data has also been screaming at us to act.

Office spaces around the world have been massively underutilized for years, long before COVID came along. The data tells the story. COVID was the catalyst to change. Now, let us work together to rid the world of half-empty buildings.

The earth will smile back at us.

About the Author

Colour headshot image of Andrew Millar, Chief Executive Officer, Relogix
Andrew Millar, CEO & Founder

Andrew’s mission is to turn data into valuable outcomes. With over 20 years as a corporate real estate solutions and insights provider, Relogix founder and CRE veteran, Andrew Millar, recognized the need for technology in the CRE industry. He founded Relogix out of a need to create solutions to help organizations evolve their workspace and get high quality data to drive strategic decision making. Andrew believes that the key to evolving workspace and strategic planning lies in data science. Just like the workplace, data science is progressive: it is a journey of perpetual discovery, refinement, and adaptation. Andrew has since created proprietary sensor technology with the needs of corporate real estate in mind – technology created for CRE professionals by CRE professionals.