Relogix Collaborates with Dr. Graham Wills, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Expert

Ottawa, June 2nd, 2021

Relogix and Dr. Graham Wills, (PhD, Statistics) a pioneer in the field of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, are joining forces to advance Artificial Intelligence in the field of Corporate Real Estate.

Relogix will be the first in the industry to more accurately forecast and predict companies’ real estate needs. Companies will potentially save hundreds of millions of real estate spend, year over year with this collaborative innovation between Relogix and Dr. Wills. “Relogix has a significant data set to work with, from years of collecting billions of data points for Corporate Real Estate around the world,” says Dr. Wills. “I’m excited to use this data and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to take spatial data research to the next level.”

With the pandemic, it has become ever more difficult for companies to understand workplace demand for real estate, with everyone working from home and anywhere for the foreseeable future. As people return to the office, understanding the relationship between people and their demand for workspace is a significant challenge for workplace technology leaders in Corporate Real Estate, HR, and IT.

“We’re making a significant R&D investment to further innovation around forecasting and predictive analytics for Corporate Real Estate,” says Andrew Millar, Founder and CEO of Relogix. “We are excited to be working with Graham, a pre-eminent researcher in the AI field, and expect our collaboration to leverage advanced machine learning techniques to surface insights like never before.”

As an outstanding data science leader for over 20 years, Wills is a disruptive innovator, who has been innovating predictive analytics and forecasting for 30 years. Hailing from IBM, Dr. Wills is a well-known researcher in the fields of spatial data exploration and time series monitoring. At IBM, Wills was the lead architect for predictive analytics and machine learning in IBM’s Data and AI group, and led the development of major advances including intelligent automatic forecasting, natural language data insights, anomaly detection and key driver identification.

About Graham Wills, PhD:

Graham’s passion is analyzing data and designing capabilities that help others do the same with their data. His focus is on creating software systems that allow non-experts to draw conclusions safely and efficiently from predictive and machine learning models, and thus enhance the value of their data. Graham has authored over 60 publications, including a book in the Springer statistical series, and has chaired or presented at numerous international statistical and knowledge discovery conferences. His patents span visualization, spatial analysis, semantic knowledge, and associated AI domains. Graham believes that the goal of AI is to give professionals the assistance they need to make great decisions from their data, and that CRE is an ideal domain in which to introduce new AI and Machine Learning capabilities to revolutionize the marketplace.

About Andrew Millar, CEO:

Andrew’s mission is to turn data into valuable outcomes. With over 20 years as a corporate real estate solutions and insights provider, Relogix founder and CRE veteran, Andrew Millar, recognized the need for technology in the CRE industry. He founded Relogix out of a need to create solutions to help organizations evolve their workspace and get high quality data to drive strategic decision making. Andrew believes that the key to evolving workspace and strategic planning lies in data science. Just like the workplace, data science is progressive: it is a journey of perpetual discovery, refinement, and adaptation. Andrew has since created proprietary sensor technology with the needs of corporate real estate in mind – technology created for CRE professionals by CRE professionals.

About Relogix:

Trusted by top Corporate Real Estate professionals who need to make data-driven business decisions to inform their real estate strategy and measure impact. Our flexible workplace insights platform and state-of-the-art IoT occupancy sensors are proven to transform the workplace experience. We’re always looking for the next innovation in workplace technology, leveraging two decades of CRE and analytics expertise to help our clients understand and optimize their global real estate portfolios.

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