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The Relogix Solution

Our Relogix solution is based in our comprehensive expertise in corporate real estate, data analytics and workspace strategy development.

The CRE experts at Relogix will help you make business decisions that save money and guide your real estate portfolio strategy.

From our sensors for real-time data collection, to the Workplace Analytics Platform for data analytics and insights, the world’s top CRE professionals depend on Relogix.

Relogix sensors collect data and deliver it to the Workspace Analytics Platform, where you can leverage that data for actionable insights. With its strong performance algorithms and workplace visualizations, the Workspace Analytics Platform helps transform over- and under-utilized workspaces into optimized resources.

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Workspace Analytics Platform for Data Insights and Analytics

Engage employees, lower operational costs, and plan your workspace, all in one platform.


Get high quality data. Whether you’re working at desks or in teams collaborating in shared spaces, the Workspace Analytics Platform’s powerful algorithms provide the industry’s most accurate data science about the presence of people in your workspace – without compromising privacy.


Make meaningful space planning decisions for your employees. Our high-level insights allow you to make impactful space planning decisions. Relogix powerful visualizations allow you to view occupancy and space utilization by floor, department, building, and more across your entire real estate portfolio. Powerful classification algorithms assign personas allowing you to design space suitable to employees’ current behaviours. You can act with confidence based on reliable, proven data analysis.


Find the perfect workspace for the task at hand, quickly and easily. As part of the Workspace Analytics Platform, our Relogix Touchdown Kiosk provides a real-time view of available workspaces. No longer do employees waste time looking for open meeting rooms and desks to work. Available locations are easily identified at a glance, simplifying your day to day process.


Get fully customizable data visualizations for your specific workspace evaluation. Have a question that our visualizations don’t cover? Our data scientists will work with you to create customized views for what matters most to your process. Our data science team will work with you on in-depth analysis and correlation of data.

Flexible Integration of Other Platforms

Leverage the tools and data you already have.

Data Integration, APIs, AppsGet even more from the Relogix Workspace Analytics Platform with integrations that extend your workspace planning capabilities. The Relogix ecosystem is designed for easy integration of third-party data sources and applications, including official siteclick for more telephone louis vuittonelf bar refillablemous phone casehome many common Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), booking systems and other resources, such as badging data, wifi data, and more.

Enterprise Network Independent

Trust that your data is stored privately and securely, with no need for hardwiring.

There’s no need to worry about drilling holes, re-wiring, or connecting you’re your network as the Relogix solution is fully independent. All collected data is stored and processed offsite, meaning you have confidence your data is protected and private. We operate independently of enterprise networks, communicating over private 4G/LTE cellular networks. This frees up corporate resources for more important projects.

Sensor-as-a-Service Private Ecosystem

Relogix Sensor-as-a-Service Private Ecosystem

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