Data Stories & Corporate Real Estate: 4-Part Seminar Series

Learn how to use data to strategize and affect change in your workplace

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Data Stories and Corporate Real Estate Seminar Series

  • Is your workplace getting ready to return to the office?  
  • Are you tasked with figuring out how much office space you need to support your team’s workplace experience?  
  • Is your company re-designing the office to suit new protocols?  
  • Are you building a strategy for your organization’s real estate portfolio?  

Join Sandra Panara as she addresses these common concerns and more! Sandra’s Data Stories and Corporate Real Estate Seminar Series is designed to teach you about data stories and how it can make your job easier.  

She’ll show you how to use your workspace analytics data to create a story that is unique, relevant and meaningful to your organization’s real estate strategy. Learn how to use data stories to engage with leadership to explain, enlighten and enable them to support change.  

This seminar series will take you from “What are Data Stories?” to best practices over four 1-hour sessions. 

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why Data Stories Should Matter To Corporate Real Estate 
  • How To Create Meaningful Data Stories That Are Unique To Your Organization’s Strategy 
  • How To Engage With Leadership Using Data Stories To Explain, Enlighten And Enable Them To Support Change

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Data Stories And Corporate Real Estate Seminars

Seminar 1: What Are Data Stories And Why Does Corporate Real Estate Need Them?

Recommended Reading: Effective Data Storytelling

Guest Speaker:  Brent Dykes
Author, Effective Data Storytelling

Sr. Director, Insights and Data Storytelling at Blast Analytics 


  • Why Are We Talking About Data Stories? ​ 
  • Flaws in Corporate Real Estate Storytelling​ 
  • How We Typically Communicate Information​ 
  • Why Data Storytelling Matters​ 
  • How To Use Stories To Engage With Business Leaders 
  • Explain, Enlighten and Enable​ 
  • Storytelling Arc​ 
  • Relogix Data Storytelling Story – Our “Why​” 
  • How To Tell Compelling Data Stories Unique to Your Organization 
Seminar 2: How To Build A Data Story And Ask The Right Questions

Go on a deep dive into examples that illustrate how to build the story you want to tell. Focus on how to ask your data the right questions to quantify and qualify insights​. 


  • Get the Right Data – What is the Objective? ​ 
  • Asking Questions – Space vs. People ​ 
  • 5 Whys for Clues (No Analysis Required)​ 
  • Opportunity & Finding Your Baseline 
  • Validation & Refinement of Opportunity​ 
  • Alignment, Vision & Goals 
  • Strategy Execution & Measurement 
  • Getting Buy-In​​ 
Seminar 3: How To Align Your Data Story With Workplace Strategy

Dive into examples that illustrate how to tell the story. Focus on aligning the answers with the overarching strategy, values, goals, culture and more!​​ 


  • The Culture Divide: Mind the Gap ​ 
  • What Causes the Divide: Perception vs. Reality​ 
  • What is the Appetite for Change​ 
  • ​The Workplace Metrics Iceberg: Deep Dive​ – Exploring Your Metrics on a Whole New Level​ 
  • Age, Tenure, Location & Commutes ​ 
  • Technology, Policy & Benefits ​ 
  • Comp, Engagement & Productivity 

How to get the data for CRE analysis and be successful. Examine best practices for data wrangling & data stewardship, including dealing with security and privacy.

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