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Make Informed Decisions With Workplace Analytics

Conexus Workplace Analytics software uses real-time data to provide actionable insights into space occupancy. Easy-to-install occupancy sensors measure office space utilization to help you make an informed decision.

In a time of major change, it is unbiased, data-driven decisions that will ensure effective space utilization — and the success of your company.

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How to effectively transform your workspace

You know that there’s under-utilization of desk and office space in your workplace. But how do you objectively measure and quantify it? Even more importantly, what do you do about it? This is where understanding what utilization and occupancy are and how the two relate to each other becomes important.

Learn how to effectively transform your workspace in 3 steps.

Our space utilization software enables you to decide how much real estate you actually need. Workplace analytics allow you to identify how you can provide efficient real estate portfolios and effective workspaces. Conexus allows you to standardize and introduce efficient workplace strategy and friction-reducing applications to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve overall satisfaction.

Prepare for tomorrows workspace

Relogix V.5 Occupancy Sensors detect presence, non-presence and persistent presence. They provide meaningful insights on how a workspace is occupied and utilized. Learn how integrating Relogix Sensors with a booking system office re-opening helps keep employees safe.

Conexus helps you identify your employees’ ever-evolving working styles, integrate critical sensor, booking system, and IWMS data into your unique workplace, and develop the best workplace solutions for your team. Make an effective return to office plan based on real time occupancy data.

While COVID-19 has created great uncertainty, there are concrete steps we can take to ensure a strategic approach to navigating and shaping our new normal in the workplace.

Return to Office: Navigating Our New Normal in the Workplace

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One size does not fit all, and your workplace is unique.

Labor and real estate are the two largest expenses for any organization, and some companies today have realized a misalignment in Workplace Strategy is causing a lack of optimal space usage and productivity.

Relogix is ready for the future of effective space utilization in the workplace. Are you?