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As an early adopter of opportunities to improve day-to-day business operations, Nvidia knows effective business plans need to be supported by data. Space occupancy and utilization metrics make developing a workspace occupancy plan and practical return to office strategy a streamlined process.

When your decisions are driven and informed by business relevant analytics, peace of mind comes easy when you have proven data to support your return to office strategy. Nvidia, meet Conexus.

Clients like Nvidia found 52% of their workspace is unoccupied during the day, and of the employees coming into the office, only 25% utilized their desks.

Customized Solutions for Nvidia

Understand Intent vs Behavior

How are your workspaces really being used? Understand the disconnect between planned vs actual behaviour.

Dig Deeper Into Space Utilization

Easy-to-install seat and thermal sensors measure office space utilization to help you right-size to meet actual demand for different space types.

Changing The Way We Work

Unbiased data enables better aligned strategies, whether planning a return to office or evolving flexible workspaces.

Three circles showcasing three different types of sensors

Multiple Sensor Options

  • Utilizing multiple sensor types means seeing the full workspace utilization picture instead of one piece of the puzzle.
  • The best outcomes come from data generated by the right combination of sensors.
  • Combine seat level sensors for occupancy metrics and thermal for meeting rooms and collaboration space utilization.

More Than Just Hardware

  • The Conexus Workplace Insight solution offers our deep domain expertise, digitally.
  • Integrate booking system, badging data, and IWMS data.
  • Identify employee preferred working styles.
relogix conexus workplace sensors software

Choose A Partner That Makes Sense

  • Like Nvidia, Relogix is committed to providing tech-based solutions across industries.
  • We share the same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • We’re inventors at heart and know our products can help evolve how the workplace operates.

Our clients trust Conexus to provide
dynamic workspace insights in a changing world.

Let’s explore the future of workspace analytics technology together.

We’ll help you break down data silos to discover opportunities and lead your decision-making processes. Let’s start the conversation.

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